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Special Reserve Worldwide Awarded.

Especial Reserva has been: awarded with a Gold Medal by NYIOOC USA, selected as one of the 500 Best Olive Oils in World by Flos Olei, in Italy and gained a Diploma Gourmet by AVPA in Paris.

Gourmet Market 2015 Lisbon.

Nono Sentido will be present in the Campo Pequeno Gourmet Market on the 6th, 7th and 8th of March.

Featured Products

Olives Paté, Compotes and special Olive Oils.

Nono Sentido was funded in December 2010 with the aim pointed to the development and marketing of food products that in common, do have the natural origin and a Gourmet stamp.

Tasting Olive Oils.

Olive oil tastes and does better eaten raw, but can be even tastier if it is flavored with natural products to our liking.

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